wood drying machine

Release Time:2019-04-24

  Vacuum drying of wood is a method in which wood is stacked in a closed container and dried at a pressure below atmospheric pressure.we are provide wood drying machine,you can know it.

  Under vacuum conditions, the boiling point of the water is lowered and the evaporation rate is increased, so that the drying speed of the wood can be accelerated at a lower temperature.

  During the drying process, on the one hand, the surface moisture evaporates into the surrounding air; on the other hand, the internal moisture continuously moves toward the surface. Under normal conditions, the evaporation of moisture on the surface of the wood is much faster than the movement of moisture inside the wood.

  Therefore, in order to speed up the drying speed, it is necessary to try to speed up the movement of moisture inside the wood. Of the factors affecting the rate of moisture movement within the wood, the pressure of the surrounding air is a decisive factor. If the temperature and humidity of the air remain the same, the rate of moisture movement of the wood increases sharply as the air pressure decreases.

  In addition, under vacuum conditions, the boiling point of water decreases, causing the evaporation rate of water on the surface of the wood to increase, and the moisture content gradient on the surface and inside of the wood increases. At the same time, the surface moisture of the wood is violently evaporated, and a large amount of heat of vaporization is absorbed to cause cooling of the surface of the wood, so that the temperature gradient between the surface and the interior of the wood is increased. These factors accelerate the movement of moisture inside the wood to the surface.

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wood drying machine