Vacuum drying of wood is an important part of ensuring the quality of solid wood flooring

Release Time:2019-04-02

  Wood vacuum drying equipment is an important equipment commonly used in solid wood flooring. Generally, dry hard broad-leaved wood materials, medium and high-grade solid wood flooring are mainly made of high quality imported materials. A more reasonable production method is to first process the logs into semi-finished products of floor slabs at the place of origin, and perform wax seals on the ends of the boards to prevent end cracking, and then sell them to the floor processing factory for artificial drying. Reprocessed into finished flooring.we are provide wood dry machine,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of wood dry machine.

  Artificial drying is an important part of ensuring the quality of solid wood flooring. The purpose of drying is mainly to stabilize the wooden floor shape. It will not shrink, swell and deform during the future use, and also improve the processing performance, performance and durability of solid wood flooring. The key to the quality of the drying is that the final moisture content must reach an equilibrium moisture content slightly below the environment of use. It is about 12%-16% in the south of China, about 10%-12% in the north, and about 6%-8% in the northwest, and it must be dry and ensure that the non-warping, cracking and drying stress are basically relieved.

  Dry quality and drying cost are generally mutually restricted, but with reasonable drying equipment, reasonable drying process and proper operation, the drying cost can be ensured while minimizing investment and drying costs. .

  Due to the variety of wood drying methods and drying equipment, the products sold in the market are mixed. To help the wood flooring enterprises to purchase the drying equipment reasonably, this article is written for the reader's reference.

  Commonly used wood drying methods include: steam heating, conventional drying, furnace gas heating, conventional drying, hot air drying, dehumidification drying, vacuum drying, and conventional drying of hot water and high temperature water circulation heating in recent years. The appropriate drying method must be selected according to the drying characteristics and requirements of the solid wood floor, as well as the size and conditions of the enterprise.

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